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Equalize Fitness builds Ninja Warrior Obstacle course!

NinjaCats Warriors will offer classes for children through teens and open to adults at select times throughout the day! EQ’s NinjaCats Warriors is designed for all ages, genders, and abilities to enjoy exercise in a safe, clean, and family-friendly atmosphere.

A sense of community and support.

We have all seen the popular television series, and now you’re going to have the opportunity to test your own physical limits. The spirit of EQ’s NinjaCats Warriors is one of inclusivity and support. It is all about athletes versus obstacles. Unlike other sports where teams and athletes may cheer against each other, Ninja is known for its sense of community and support among athletes.

The benefits of EQ’s NinjaCats Warriors Program

> Improves functional strength.
> Ninjas require flexibility to navigate challenging obstacles.
> Balance is crucial to EQ’s NinjaCats Warriors training.
> Fine tuning physical agility.
> Increased focus & precision.
> Superior development of CORE strength.
> Belonging to a caring supportive community and contributing to the culture of NinjaCats Warriors.

A sample of the NinjaCats Warriors obstacles within the 14′ high 60′ long structure can be found HERE.  In addition, we are excited to also have a warp wall, climbing ropes, and a highly impressive 20 foot climbing wall.

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